“They make us feel very welcome. It’s a very friendly environment, and it’s also very conducive to our creative activities.”
Eric Young, Alibaba Pictures
“We love EpicSpaces for when we need to get our management team out of the office as a way to work on projects. It’s great, it’s local, and it’s easy to use.”
David Coolidge, Kaiser Permanente
“I really think this is the future of work environments.”
Michael, Mr. Pasadena
“I’ve been looking for a space for a long time. When I ran into EpicSpaces and met Diana and Dennis, [my search] was over.”
Wilbert Sampson, ALS Furniture | Big Guy's Inc.
“Anybody out there, if you’re just starting a business or if you’re already established, and you want a cool place to work? EpicSpaces!”
Lamont Cain & Harvest Smith, Hierarchy Pictures Inc.
“If you want to make things happen, if you want to create great things, here is where you need to be.”
Dr. Feng An, UCCTC