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This January we are excited to welcome David Thach, Senior Director of International Software Development & Special Operations, Worldwide Studios America at Sony Computer Entertainment.

While Dave has only been ‘officially’ in game production for the past six years, he has spent the last ten years of his career at Sony Interactive Entertainment where he has leveraged his experience as an entrepreneur and as an IBM Solutions Excellence Award winning developer/designer, catapulted his meteoric rise through the PlayStation ranks.

Serving as the Senior Director of International Software Development and Special Operations for Worldwide Studios America, Dave oversees some of the company’s largest and most profitable franchises, such as Gran Turismo and LittleBigPlanet, in the North American and Latin American markets.

Dave is a very established ‘Jack of All Trades’ thanks to his diverse career path, which has allowed him to grow the Special Operations pillar of his business in new, exciting, and often times unexpected ways. Most recently, Dave and his team played an integral role with their contributions to the successful launch of the latest PlayStation platform, PlayStation VR.