This Wednesday we will be joined by a panel of techies and foodies who run a program to connect on-the-go people with local food spots! The .Ai Forum is a panel discussion of the theory and practice of artificial intelligence, language, consciousness and culture in the Moblie space.

Wednesday Morning Coffee Connection from 8:00 am to 9:30 am at EpicSpaces Co-Working, and as always, COFFEE provided by our favorite Coast2Coast Coffee! All are welcome to attend.

Our free weekly friendly, fun & informative business community meetup is a great way to make connections, nurture and build relationships within our community. We have short presentations by local entrepreneurs, local professional and even have special event sessions.

We being a part of a global entrepreneurial community, continue to promote our StartUp Grind values:

Make friends, not contacts.
Give, not take.
Helping others before helping yourself.
We all together can Grind, Succeed, and Shine!


For more information on Startup Grind: